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From Fritz

Interesting tidbits about the sausage business and Usinger's. Topics range from cooking tips to seasonal specialties as well as a little historical insight from the 4th generation Usinger who leads the company today.

  • Happy Memorial Day

    Memorial Day is the unofficial kick off of summer. While it’s often filled with cookouts and family gatherings, the day originated back to 1864 to commemorate the fallen soldiers of the Civil War. It wasn’t until 1971 that Memorial Day was declared a national holiday.


    As we celebrate this weekend and fire up the grill to brown the Brats and Wieners, let’s pause to remember those in our armed forces who gave of their lives so we can enjoy our many freedoms.


  • Usinger's to be sold at 3rd Space Growler-Sausage Drive Thru!

    Don't worry about the beer and brats for the game, you can pick'em up on the way at the Growler-Sausage Drive Thru.  Check out the link for more details!
  • Fritz Talks Value of BBB

    Fritz Usinger talks about the value of being a member of the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau. You will be seeing this spot around Wisconsin on TV this Spring.


  • Opening Day Is On The Way!

    Wow, Opening Day is less than a week away! Time to get serious, grilling season is about to officially begin. Are you ready? Have you cleaned the grill? Checked your propane tank or bought fresh charcoal? Of course it’s time to stock up o Usinger Brats, right? Maybe some Italian or even some fresh Kielbasa for the grill. Don’t forget some delicious Usinger Festival Sauerkraut to “dress up” the würst. You can find it where Usinger sausages are displayed at your favorite store.  Just remember, keep the beer for drinking and not for boiling brats! Enjoy the game and be safe.

  • Cheese Bread with Bacon!

    This was served at the Arthritis Foundation Wine Tasting  featuring Usinger's bacon.  Many people wanted the recipe so here it is, reprinted from the Washington Post.


  • Chill Don't Scare the Grill

    People think those of us who grill outside in the winter to be crazy.  Well, I can remember a few evenings in early May when it's been almost as cold!  You don't have to mothball the grill just because it's cold outside.  The food tastes just as good, maybe even better, and hey, standing in front of a hot grill takes the chill off a cold day, or night!

    Here are some pointers to stay warm and get great results for winter grilling. First, dress appropriately, in layers and don’t forget the hat. Most of your heat loss comes from your head, so unless you’re planning on keeping it close to the grill (not recommended) keep it covered.  Next, grilling in winter takes a bit more time. Your grill will take longer to get warmed up and that can add about 25% more time to the cooking process.  So, make sure you have enough propane or charcoal on hand before you start, because running out midway through can be a pain.  Finally, enjoy the peace and quiet of winter serenity.  Odds are there’s not a lot going on outside, maybe a squirrel fight or an occasional deer sighting.  It’s just like ice fishing, they're even better when you get them in cold weather.  There is nothing like a brat right off the grill and it just seems tastier in January!

    If you’re not a fan of the cold, well, there are some great soup recipes in the Usinger cookbook and on our website.

    Quit chillin’ start grillin’.


  • Grilling's 2nd Season!

    Warm sunshine and crisp air, autumn is truly on it’s way. No need to think about hanging up the grill tongs quite yet. There are two months of great grilling weather ahead.

    For cool weather grilling try something a little spicy, like our Smoked Chorizo or Smoked Andouille links. For something completely different, try grilling our bone – in, Smoked Pork Chops. They are cured, smoked for hours in our brick smokehouses and are fully cooked.  When you put’em on the grill they’re nothing short of amazing!

    Now is a great time to try something new, during our Fall 15 promotion.  Until the end of September, you can stock up on Usinger deli products and save 15%.  All you have to do is type in “Fall 15” in the promo code when you order online. Don’t forget the Summer Sausage and Braunschweiger, so you are ready for those big game gatherings.  The Fall 15 promotion is available only on sausage products and only in the online Deli Store, or at our retail store downtown at 1030 N. Old World 3rd Street.


  • An Out of Towner Tour of Usinger's Sausage.

    While in the state for the Wisconsin vs LSU game, WBRZ TV in Louisiana made a stop at Usinger's for a quick tour.


  • It's All Happening at the Fair!

    The Wisconsin State Fair begins on Thursday August 4th thru August 14th. No trip to the Fair is complete without a brat or a hot dog from Usinger’s, Milwaukee’s oldest family run sausage shop. We are located in the air conditioned Wisconsin Products Pavilion where you will find the best food at the best price.

    All of our sausages are served on hearty Miller Bakery Pretzel buns and are priced right at just $ 4.00. The service is fast, friendly and efficient.

    Here is this year’s line up:

    Quarter pound Bratwurst, served with Kraut

    Quarter pound Italian, served with peppers & onions

    Quarter pound Smoked Brat with Cheddar & Jalapeno

    Jumbo All Beef Hot Dog


    Stop in and enjoy some “wurst”.

    See you at the Fair.


  • Get Ready, Here it Comes

    German Fest begins July 29 – 31 at Maier Festival Park on Milwaukee’s lakefront.  What a great time to experience German food, culture, music and yes a little beer. It’s like an Octoberfest warm up party.

    We are proud to be a long time sponsor of Milwaukee’s German Fest and provider of many different types of sausage and meats served during the three day run.

    You may want to try a German Fest favorite, the over-sized, October Fest Bratwurst or the spicy Smoked Bratwurst.  Then there is the Bavarian Wiener, Knackwurst or the Pork Links that are served with the potato pancakes. Or maybe you want the Smoked Pork Chops (Kassler Rippchen) that are smoked over glowing hard wood embers in our two story brick smokehouses. Don’t forget the Sauerkraut…. We make that too.

    Hope to see you at the opening ceremonies.  Bring your appetite and we will see you there!

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