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Beef Salami
Same as All Beef Summer Sausage with a touch of garlic added.

Beef Summer Sausage
Lean choice beef, coarsely chopped, seasoned "just right," then slowly smoked two days for a tantalizing aroma and robust flavor.

Hickory Sticks Summer Sausage
Robust, smoked pork and beef snack sticks. A touch of garlic adds zip to these mini summer sausage links. Excellent for snacking.

Hot Hickory Sticks Summer Sausage
Same as Hickory Sticks with the heat turned up..

Beef Hickory Sticks
All beef version of our Hickory Sticks.

A touch of garlic and pepperoni spices add zip to this ready to eat beef snack stick.

Italian Style Summer Sausage
A zesty blend of classic Italian spices added to our beef and pork Summer Sausage. Gently smoked over hardwood slabs. 

Thueringer Summer Sausage
Exceptional spicing plus peppercorns give this extra tangy pork and beef summer sausage
added zip.

Wisconsin Mild Colby Cheese

Smooth Wisconsin Monterey Jack Cheese

Cheddar with Port Wine Cheese Spread

Swiss Almond Cheese Spread

East Shore Seasoned Pretzels

Genuine National Mustard Museum Mustard

Troubador Cowboy Cookies

Gourmet Snack Crackers

Usinger Solid North American Maple Cutting Board, finished with beeswax and mineral oil

Sausage Knife

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The Collection
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