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Our old world (and some new) sausage has been pleasing the fussiest “Feinschmeckers” gourmets since 1880.
Each sausage is seasoned just right with the finest imported natural spices. Many types of sausage are delicately smoked to perfection over hardwood fires in our old-fashioned brick smokehouses. This is where you create selections of your own choice.
Cooked Bratwurst

Cooked Bratwurst

Item #:u2147d
$3.84 per 12 oz. Package
Fresh Bratwurst

Fresh Bratwurst

Item #:u2453g
$6.40 per 20 oz. Tray
Little Link Pork Sausage

Little Link Pork Sausage

Item #:u2216e
$5.35 per 1 lb.
Usinger hams are the perfect choice for that memorable feast. Choose from a variety of our hams. Order Now