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Need the perfect gift? Get a Usinger's Gift Certificate online. You can redeem these in the store or online!

Either add your gift recipient's email into the "To E-mail" box or your own email if you'd like to just print them for gifts. To redeem online, just enter the Gift Certificate number in the Gift Card area on the Cart page before you Checkout.

For multiple or single gift certificate purchases please feel free to leave the "To" and "From" fields blank to write these in by hand later.

You will receive an email with a .pdf attachment after purchase to print your gift certificate.

Note: Product packaging may vary


Usinger Gift Certificates are the perfect solution year round.

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We ship on Mondays to most states.

If your gift is being shipped to WI or one of the immediate surrounding states, it will be shipped on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

Also, FedEx® shipments are made on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

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