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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of operation for your deli?

Our deli store on Old World Third Street is open Monday through Saturday from 9am-4pm. We are closed on Sundays. Please call before coming in on any major holidays, as our hours may change.

When are Senior Discount Days?

Seniors receive a 10% discount on products every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This discount only applies to purchases made in person at our deli store.

What is the imperfect table and can we ship products from there?

Because of our commitment to producing only the finest sausages, sometimes the product’s appearance does not measure up. Products with less than perfect sizing, shape or packaging are called, “imperfects,” and are offered at a reduced price. Imperfects are sold on a first come, first serve basis and are only available in person at our deli store. We are not able to reserve any imperfect products.

Can we tour your plant?

Due to the importance of keeping our products safe and uncontaminated, we are unable to offer tours of our production facilities. However, we welcome groups in our deli store. If you have a large group and would like to have someone give a brief overview of our history and turn of the century deli store, please give us a call.

Can I add/remove items from gift boxes?

We are unable to change gift boxes because they are pre-packaged and ready for quick shipment. If you are looking to put together your own box, you can do so in our deli store.

Your ad says there is a flat rate shipping of $10.99, but when I entered my order it says $35.99. Why is that?

We offer a flat rate of $10.99 for all gift box orders that ship via UPS. Because of the perish-ability of our products, some areas of the country require us to ship via FedEx to ensure the product arrives without spoiling. The flat rate for 2 day FedEx shipping is $35.99.

I saw a box in the catalog but I cannot find it online.

Some of our gift boxes are only available for holiday shipping. We print our catalog in the fall with all of the gifts available for that holiday season. For an up-to-date list of the gifts we currently have available, please visit our website’s gift store.

Can you send me a sample?

Sorry, we can not send out samples. But you might be able to find some of our products at a local store in your area. Try our “Where to Buy” request to find a store near you.

Why am I required to purchase a minimum of 6 pounds of product?

In order for us to ship our deli orders, we need a minimum of 6 pounds of product to keep all the items in good condition during transit.

Why does the confirmation say subtotal estimate? Why do I not have an exact total?

All of our prices are per pound. Some of our products are not exact weight items, so to process your order we need to weigh it before we have an exact total. Your estimate should be very close to the final cost. We will send you an itemized listing of the all products and shipping cost.

Why is my shipping TBD (To Be Determined)?

With deli orders, shipping is TBD when you have ordered more than 40 pounds of product. We will contact you with a shipping cost if your order exceeds 40 pounds.

How much does shipping cost?

Please see our Ordering and Shipping page for details.

When will my order ship?

Orders received by Friday at noon, typically ship out the next week. Exactly when depends on where the order is going. The further the distance from WI, the earlier in the week we have to ship the order to ensure it will arrive by Friday of that same business week. We do not want to leave any packages in non-refrigerated warehouses over the weekend. The elves also need time to pack and prepare the orders for shipping so they arrive in good condition. During promotions, orders may take longer to ship due to the higher volume of orders. Your order confirmation email should include an estimated shipping week. Orders should arrive the same week they are shipped.

I need my order by a specific date.

Please let us know the date you would like your order to arrive in the special instructions box at check-out. We cannot guarantee we will be able to grant your request, but we will do our best to accommodate your desired arrival date. There may be additional shipping costs to send your package by the requested date. We will contact you by phone or email to discuss your options.

Why can’t I send my order via UPS?

We ship via UPS to many parts of the country. Unfortunately, some of the southern states and those farther west require us to ship via FedEx to ensure the product arrives in good condition. Because Usinger’s does not use any artificial preservatives in our products, we need to be sure the products will stay cold when we ship them out. We do not want them sitting in an non-refrigerated warehouse over the weekend. UPS Ground will not reach some states within the same week, requiring us to ship orders via 2-Day FedEx.

Are your products gluten free?

Yes, all of our sausage products are gluten free with the exception of our Kishka and slicing loaves. We do not add any cereal or grain to our products.

I am lactose intolerant/allergic to garlic/onions/nuts. How can I tell which products have those ingredients?

If you look at our deli store, you will find a list of the products we sell. Towards the bottom of each individual product, you will find an ingredient list. Allergens such as cheese, garlic, onions, and nuts are listed separately whenever they are present in the product. If you have other allergies, please contact us via email or phone with the specific product you are inquiring about.

Do your products contain MSG?

No. We do not use any artificial flavoring, preservatives, fillers or liquid smoke in any of our products. Usinger’s products are flavored naturally through fresh garlic, onion, spices and the old-fashioned smoking process.

What is the difference between Fresh Liverwurst and Braunschweiger?

They are similar, both made with pork, pork livers and other spices. However, Braunschweiger is smoked and the Fresh Liverwurst is not.

Can I freeze your products?

Yes. All products can be placed in the freezer for later enjoyment. We recommend no longer than 2 months in the freezer to enjoy the fullest of flavors and texture.

The shipping option says, “By Christmas,” for a ship date. When will my order go out?

Typically orders ship out within a week or two. However, due to the volume of orders during the Christmas/Holiday season, orders may be delayed. Orders that typically ship via FedEx will be held to ship on one of our refrigerated trucks to save you money on shipping. Orders may ship out as early as the first week in December or as late as the week just before Christmas. If there is a specific date you would like your order shipped, please let us know in the special instructions at check-out. We cannot guarantee we will be able to ship your order when you requested, but we will do our best to accommodate your date for arrival.

When is the latest I can place an order for delivery by Christmas?

Different parts of the country have different deadlines. See our ordering and shipping page for more details.

Is it too early to place an order for Christmas?

We will gladly accept your order at any time. We may need to contact you regarding changes in cost or availability.

Why do I have to wait until January to send my December Deli order?

Due to the large volume of orders we receive for Holiday/Christmas shipping, all Deli orders need to be placed no later than November 30. The elves need time to pack and prepare the orders to ship out. If you missed the deadline for a Deli order, you may still have time to send a gift box for Christmas. See our ordering and shipping page for more details.